In 2010 “Its All Butch” Emerged From The Thoughts of An Amazing Photographer.

Her Name Is Debbie Boud

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A journey full of diverse life experiences has brought Debbie Boud to the place she is now… that of an emerging talent in the world of photography. Born in Manchester, Connecticut, on May 22, 1963, Debbie has always had an adventurous spirit and an openness toward all subjects. This is evident in her varied work and volunteer experiences, such as working as a nurses’ aide, repairing vehicles in an auto body shop, and participating in Habitat for Humanity projects. Debbie’s shown she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty as she eagerly faces each project. In her current profession as a salaried service technician for a cable company, she has combined these skills with her intelligence into a winning combination which allows her more freedom of time and money to explore her creative passion… photography.
It is as a photographer that Debbie has definitely found an outlet for her creative talents. She is self-taught and strives to continue her learning through researching, reading, and experimenting. Her subject content covers a huge range, including wildlife, landscape, structures, and portraits. In fact, her consummate skills in portraits led her into a calendar project for 2010 called “It’s All Butch.” Debbie is currently shooting portraits for the 2011 calendar.
Viewing Debbie’s photographs is a feast for the senses. Present in her imagery is a focus on the opposites found in everyday occurrences. As Debbie explains, “I can see the beauty, irony, and uniqueness of the ordinary images in our daily life and strive to capture this on film.” These contradictions reinforce each other and work to draw the viewer both intellectually and emotionally into the image. Ultimately, Debbie’s goal as an artist is to evoke an emotion in whoever views her photographs.
In addition to her successful calendar project, Debbie’s talent has been noticed and praised in competitive art shows. To date, she has received two blue ribbon awards and one white ribbon award in the Flagler County Art League show in 2008.

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Its All Butch 2012 Calendar Promotional Video

“It’s All Butch” Calendar Challenges Lesbian Stereotypes

When a friend of photographer Debbie Boud posted pictures of actresses from “The L Word” noting how attractive they were, Boud was dissatisfied: not all of the women were actually gay and they represented only a stereotypically pretty look. In response, her friend challenged Boud to find “gay and hot” lesbian models, an oft-omitted group as far as popular media goes. Thus began her 2010 “It’s All Butch,” calendar project.
“I wanted to break the mullet-wearing stereotypes and show that we can be ‘hot’ too,” Boud said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “I think butch women are not seen as pretty by the media, and let’s face it, pretty sells,” said Boud.
Boud has completed the fourth installment of her project, the 2014 “It’s All Butch,” calendar.



These two women are at the heart of “Its All Butch”. They have worked diligently together
so that you can enjoy these beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and diversity.

Debbie Boud

President & Founder

Kristalyn Filmore

Website Artist